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A Verbal Agreement That a Real Property Shall Be Sold

Fair conversion: A rule that states that ownership of equity is transferred to a buyer once the contract that provides for the transfer of ownership to the buyer is signed. Between the signing of a contract for the sale of a property and the fact that the deed is actually delivered to the buyer, the property is in limbo. On the one hand, the buyer has the contractual right to receive the property… Leer más

1949 Armistice Agreement Line Israel

On January 6, 1949, Dr. Ralph Bunche announced that Egypt had finally agreed to begin talks with Israel on an armistice. Talks began on January 12 on the Greek island of Rhodes. Shortly after its creation, Israel agreed to the release of an Egyptian brigade besieged in Falujah, but quickly revoked its agreement. [5] At the end of the month, the talks broke down. Israel has called on Egypt to withdraw all its forces from the former Mandatory Territory of Palestine… Leer más

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